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High Throughput Screening: ROTOR HDA

What is it?

The Singer ROTOR HDA© is a compact benchtop robot for easy, ultra-fast manipulation of high density arrays of yeast, other fungi and bacteria. Reagent sets such as deletion mutant collections and the complete set of cloned yeast genes can be utilised for high throughput screens; large-scale 2-hybrid, synthetic genetic array, phenotypic and chemical-genetic analysis. The ROTOR uses plastic replica plating pads and supports liquid pinning to and from 96 and 384 well microtitre plates and agar pinning at densities 96, 192, 384, 768, 1536 and 6144.

How does it work?

The ROTOR HDA uses a robotic arm and plastic replica plating pads to pick up samples of cells from culture plates. The robotic arm then moves to a new ‘target’ plate and deposits the cells. The operator selects and uses an appropriate program from a simple, drop-down menu.

Single Colony Picking: The Stinger
Single Colony Picking: The Stinger The Stinger is the new automated single colony picker by Singer Instruments. The Stinger expands the functionality of the Singer ROTOR HDA robot by enabling the re-arraying of specific individual colonies of interest from high-density agar plates and multi-well dishes. As an automated modular accessory for the ROTOR HDA, The Stinger allows for easy, ultra-fast duplication and rearrangement of high-density library arrays of yeast, other fungi, bacteria and algae.
Single Colony Picking
Dissection Microscope: MSM 400
Dissection Microscope: MSM 400 The MSM Series 400 is the most powerful yeast dissection microscope ever built! And we're really excited about it! It's even more intuitive and user-friendly than ever before. It has advanced imaging and time-lapse photography features to enhance ageing and screening protocols, and a big heads-up display fitted as standard. Its touch-screen control, online support and full, animated, step-by-step tutorials make it the most comprehensive and easy-to-learn yeast dissection tool in the world!
Automated Tetrad Dissection
Dissection Microscope: SporePlay
Dissection Microscope: SporePlay The SporePlay Modular Microscope Platform. Elegant, ergonomic and compact. A fantastic upright microscope with increased working distances necessary for optimum yeast dissection. Ergonomic functionality with coarse and fine focus on both sides at table-height for operational ease, speed and convenience. Extended comfort with eyepiece butterfly swivel adjustment. The full complement of available accessories for expansion include phase contrast, darkfield, polarisation and fluorescence.
Manual Tetrad Dissection
Micromanipulation: Mk1 Manipulator

Micromanipulation: Mk1 Manipulator Designed mainly for use under stereoscopic microscopes, the Singer Mk1 Micromanipulator offers outstanding levels of performance at magnifications between 1 and 200 diameters. The single 'pencil' grip allows intuitive handling and rotation of the tool. The unique 3D pantograph is counter-balanced to provide fine linear and angular hand movements at a reduction factor of four.

Needles and Needle Holders
needles and needle holders The unique glass-supported construction of our needles gives the perfect combination of length, strength and flexibility that gives them very long life in normal use. They work with Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Schizosachhromyces pombe and other yeasts. Don't waste time making your own when you can buy perfect needles from us, every time. 
Dissection Needles