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Dissection Microscope

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Dissection Microscope: SporePlay
Dissection Microscope: SporePlay The SporePlay Modular Microscope Platform. Elegant, ergonomic and compact. A fantastic upright microscope with increased working distances necessary for optimum yeast dissection. Ergonomic functionality with coarse and fine focus on both sides at table-height for operational ease, speed and convenience. Extended comfort with eyepiece butterfly swivel adjustment. The full complement of available accessories for expansion include phase contrast, darkfield, polarisation and fluorescence.
Manual Tetrad Dissection
Dissection Microscope: MSM 400
Dissection Microscope: MSM 400 The MSM Series 400 is the most powerful yeast dissection microscope ever built! And we're really excited about it! It's even more intuitive and user-friendly than ever before. It has advanced imaging and time-lapse photography features to enhance ageing and screening protocols, and a big heads-up display fitted as standard. Its touch-screen control, online support and full, animated, step-by-step tutorials make it the most comprehensive and easy-to-learn yeast dissection tool in the world!
Automated Tetrad Dissection