Colony Counting & Analysis: PhenoBooth

We’re not going to interpret your results, but we’ll do everything to get you there – From image acquisition to data visualisation, straight out of the box.

Colony imaging and analysis of SBS rectangular plates and petri dishes 

HOW does it work?

The PhenoBooth contains a scientific grade, HD camera and top and bottom SpectraStarTM dark-field, blue and UV illumination technology to capture high-resolution colony images from petri dishes and SBS format plates. Once images are acquired, they are seamlessly processed by powerful batch analysis software.


WHAT can I use it for?

  • Imaging of standard SBS plates, Petri dishes and Singer PlusPlates
  • Colony counting
  • Automatic colony feature measurement—including: size, density, pixel count, circularity and colour
  • Automated normalisation and scoring of SGA data
  • Fluorescence detection

WHAT is it?

The PhenoBooth is a fast, semi-automated plate reader for imaging and analysis of cell colonies. The open-architecture of the plate analysis software enables fully customisable workflows. Data export and import is possible at any stage, as well as customisable integration options for LIMS compatibility.


WHAT does it do?

The PhenoBooth takes a high-resolution image of colonies on any number of plates, and then the integrated batch analysis workflow takes the user through: Image Pre-processing, Measurement, Normalisation, Analysis and Visualisation, with a single-click. Application-specific software packages, such as SGA Analysis or Colony Picking are integrated seamlessly with additional plug-ins available for increased functionality.

Use the software to automate a multitude of downstream analyses with minimal user-input.











Colony Size
Colony Circularity
Fluorescent Intensity
Colony Coordinates Export
Stinger Integration
Gene Mapping
Plate Normalisation
Heat Map Visualisation
Control vs. Experiment Comparison (in replicate)




What plates can I use with PhenoBooth?

The PhenoBooth accepts Singer PlusPlates and any SBS-format rectangular plates. Want to colony count on 90mm Petri dishes? We’ve got an adaptor for that too.


How many plates does PhenoBooth take?

PhenoBooth takes one plate at a time to ensure that every plate received identical lighting and exposure setting, which is necessary to maximize data quality and save time on downstream analysis.


How fast is PhenoBooth?

It takes PhenoBooth only 5 seconds to image one plate.  This means that you could image up to 720 plates in an hour.  It is that fast!


Does it come with a stacker?

No, it doesn’t.  Because PhenoBooth is so fast, you don’t need to waste time loading plates onto a stacker.


What type of lighting is available in PhenoBooth?

PhenoBooth offers two types of lighting options: transmitted (back) light to maximize contrast between colonies and background, and incident (top) light to capture colour.


What is the Colony Picking Platform?

The Colony Picking Platform is made up of the PhenoBooth, the ROTOR HDA and The Stinger. Image randomly arrayed colonies using the PhenoBooth, then filter and select colonies of interest using the Colony Picking software package. The colony coordinates can be exported and loaded into the ROTOR HDA screening robot and picked into an array by The Stinger single colony picker head.

What exactly does the software do?

PhenoBooth’s software is a powerful solution with an intuitive UI for colony measurements and analysis. It consists of 6 fully integrated steps, including Image Acquisition, Pre-processing, Detection, Filtering, Analysis and Visualisation. Fully automate your favourite workflow.


What colony features does the PhenoBooth measure?

The PhenoBooth measures most phenotypes, including size, density, circularity, circumference and colour.  If you want to make a measurement that doesn’t currently exist, just contact us and we’ll write the plugin!


Can I perform data analysis as well?

Absolutely! The PhenoBooth is your one-stop solution for SGA analysis. It measures and normalises colony features, compares measurements on experimental and control plates, identifies and presents “hits” on a heat map or a chart. In addition, there will be extra plugins and packages available to customise workflow that deviate from standard SGA analysis.


How many software Licenses do I get?

You get three 1-year user licenses as standard! Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to use the PhenoBooth software with an expired license, but will miss out on some additional benefits. Additional licenses can be purchased at any time.


Help!  I need PhenoBooth to do THIS for me!

SI constantly makes new software plugins for the PhenoBooth to fulfil different analysis needs.  Please contact us if you have a good idea for what PhenoBooth should do next. We’d love to hear from you! 

Tech Specs

PhenoBooth Colony Imaging & Analysis Technical Specifications

Product Code




L: 30.5 cm x W: 30.5 cm x H: 31.5 cm



22 kg


Power Requirements

100-200V AC 50-60 Hz, Power 60 W


Camera Specifications

Scientific grade, HD CMOS

Auto focus lens


PhenoSuite colony analysis software

Hardware/Software Requirements

Intel Core i5 2.4GHz
4GB of RAM
512GB hard disk space
Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit)/Windows 8.1 (64-bit)
USB 3.0 port


Standard Package Included

Colony Counting


Colony Picking Platform

Colony Picking Platform

The PhenoBooth can be purchased as part of the Colony Picking Platform which also includes the ROTOR and The Stinger.
Image plates of organisms such as yeast, fungi, bacteria and algae grown on solid or in liquid media using the PhenoBooth. Select hits by phenotypes such as size, circularity, colour or fluorescent intensity. Import this data into the ROTOR HDA and use The Stinger to transfer cells from hits onto solid or into liquid media. See the video



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Consistent Image Acquisition

SpetraStar - Top and bottom Flat Field Illumination


SpectraStar™ technology ensures that every part of the plate is evenly lit without shadows and without external light hazard.

PhenoBooth PhenoSuite feature: Felexible Illumination


Both transmissive and reflective illuminations are available.

Comprehensive Colony Characterisation

PhenoBooth - Colony Imaging & Analysis Software - PhenoSuite Colony Sizing


High resolution 13 mega pixel camera with image acquisition at 3300×2244 with a pixel size of 34µm.

PhenoBooth/PhenoSuite feature: Measure Colony Circularity - High-throughput Screening


Circularity of a colony is a useful measurement for quality control.

Measure Colony Colour


Detect and break down colour components in a colony.

Powerful Data Analysis

PhenoBooth - Colony Imaging & Analysis Software - PhenoSuite 6144-density array


Accurately detect and measure colonies at as high as 6k density.

PhenoBooth/PhenoSuite feature: Normalisation of plate and batch effects


Perform normalisations of various plate and batch effects so that you can get quality data with high confidence!

PhenoBooth/PhenoSuite feature: Scoring for SGA


Powerful plug-ins for SGA analysis are available, allowing you to compare data against control plates and display results as a heat map.

PhenoBooth - Colony Imaging & Analysis Software - PhenoSuite Colony Counting


Accurately count the number of colonies on a plate.

LIMS Compatibility - Data Storage


Data export and import is possible at any stage, as well as having compatibility for LIMS integration.

Export Data for Colony Picking






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