For over 80 years Singer Instruments have been dedicated
to making instrumentation to accelerate science.

We do this because we really believe in the importance of the scientific research that you do.

Core Products


Precision Colony Picking


High-Throughput Screening, Replicating and Arraying

PIXL with Anaerobic Chamber

Pick anaerobic microorganisms with precision colony transfer

MSM 400

Advanced Tetrad Dissection


Colony Imaging and Analysis


Tetrad Dissection



Need to boost your screening throughput?

Want to automate your colony picking workflows?

PIXL with Momentum

Automated Colony Picking


Advanced High-Throughput Screening

ROTOR+ Stinger & Phenobooth+

High-Throughput Imaging and Screening

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Seeking technical or application support from a qualified engineer or biologist?

Singer Instruments support labs across 60 countries: in North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, South America, and Africa.

Trusted by FTSE 100 Companies

Our products are helping to accelerate science in labs at: NASA, Apple, Carlsberg, the FBI, Facebook, Pfizer, and the top 50 Universities in the World.*

* (2022)

Proud partners with




University of Mainz

University of Manchester

We’re Redefining Support

Lots of support engineers close by is usually a bad thing! Think about it, it means products break down all the freakin’ time! We pride ourselves on having <5 support engineers worldwide, yet >1,000 product installations and still we have industry-leading customer satisfaction. Singer Instruments products are built to work.

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