CSH Yeast Genetics & Genomics


CSH Yeast Genetics & Genomics

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

25th July - 14th August 2017

Yeast Genetics & Genomics course is a modern, state of the art laboratory course designed to teach students the full repertoire of genetic approaches needed to dissect complex problems in the yeast Saccharomy cescerevisiae. Combinations of classical and modern genetic approaches are emphasized, including the isolation and characterization of mutants, tetrad analysis, complementation, and mitotic recombination. Synthetic biology is explored through CRISPR/Cas9-directed engineering of heterologous biosynthetic pathways in yeast. Students learn array-based methods, next generation sequencing, and genome-based methods of analysis facilitated by the yeast genome sequence, the deletion collection, and other genomic resources available to the community. Molecular genetic techniques, including yeast transformation, gene replacement by PCR, construction and analysis of gene fusions, and generation of mutations, are also emphasized.