FASEB Yeast Structure, Replication & Segregation ’16


FASEB Yeast Structure, Replication & Segregation ’16

Base Village Conference Center

31st July - 5th August 2016

Understanding the intricately interconnected systems that regulate chromosome structure, replication and segregation are a major challenge in modern cell biology.  Yeast systems continue to provide key biological insights and technical breakthroughs that drive progress in the fields of DNA replication, recombination and repair, chromatin structure, spindle assembly and regulation, kinetochore structure and function, telomere biology and nuclear organization.  The FASEB Yeast Chromosome Structure, Replication and Segregation Meeting brings together leaders in these fields, young up-and-coming faculty and the students and postdocs who are actually doing the work to share the most current technical and conceptual advances, meet their colleagues from across the globe and establish new collaborations.  A tradition of international participation—with strong participation from Asia and Europe—ensures broad representation of ideas.  Building on a long series of successful meetings, this meeting is known as “The” Yeast Chromosome Meeting, a not-to-be-missed gathering of the most important work in the field.  The meeting is known for a congenial and interactive atmosphere in which all the posters are up for the whole meeting and everybody comes to the evening poster sessions to talk science, make new connections and renew old ones. This incarnation will include sessions on Chromosome and Chromatin Structure, DNA Replication, Meiosis and Recombination, Telomeres, Kinetochores and Spindles, DNA Repair, Nuclear Organization and Cell Cycle Control.

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