The EMBO Conference on Meiosis 2015


The EMBO Conference on Meiosis 2015

St Catherine's College

30th August - 4th September 2015

Meiosis is the cell division that halves the genome content in the germline. As it is of fundamental importance to all sexually reproducing organisms, meiosis impacts on health, crop development, and genome evolution. The EMBO Conference on Meiosis 2015 will cover the processes that maintain or alter genome stability with their consequences on evolution in a range of different organisms.


The meiosis field comprises cell biology, molecular and population genetics, biochemistry and structural biology in diverse areas ranging from basic research towards understanding these processes to their impact on human congenital disorders and crop breeding . This EMBO Conference will bring together researchers from these wide-ranging fields in order to facilitate open exchange of ideas and collaborative efforts across disciplines.

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