Agar Plate Pourer (Competition)

13th January 2016

Currently the Serial Filler is unavailable. We have received a lot of fantastic feedback and improvement suggestions from existing Serial Filler customers. Rather than investing in the next large Serial Filler production run, Singer Instruments are in the process of considering an improved model.

…And after much (a couple of years) tribulation, we are proud to announce that the winner is Dan Smethurst from the Campbell Gourlay lab, in the Kent Fungal Group at the University of Kent!

Watch the moment we ‘surprised’ Dan Smethurst with his fabulous new Automatic Agar Plate Pourer – the Serial Filler:

Deep question: What’s my role in the World? What will be my scientific legacy? What is the answer that I am devoting my entire academic life and therefore soul into finding?

Maybe its curing cancer, explaining prion protein misfolding, or preventing death?! Maybe its understanding the role BCL2 plays in ear colour or some other hypothesis so niche that three years later you begin to doubt whether you can even buy a can of ravioli from the corner shop without sweating profusely and mumbling inanely about stop codons.

You’ve spent years producing network diagrams, learning how to spell Aduncuperistomatus or trying to understand why the hell you need to comb DNA. The bottom line is that you are bloody clever! And with this being true, you should be spending your high functioning brainpower doing bloody clever things! As such we reached one vehemently emphatic conclusion:

Pouring plates… what a f**king waste of time!

Solution: We have made a kick-ass plate pourer.

But with Slime Mold marginally edging the intelligence scale when pitted against our Product Development team, we realised that coming up with a name ourselves again (like we did with the spectacularly creative MSM 100, 200, 300 and then 400 microscopes) was probably not the greatest idea.

But wait! Fear thee not! We know scientists! And scientists are clever! Three months of blood, sweat and coffee later, and triumphantly our team devised an intrepid plan:

Microbiologist + Competition = Good name for plate pourer

Singer Instruments’ scientific advisory team stepped in and highlighted a chemical imbalance, and made one small alteration:

Microbiologist + Competition = Good name for automatic plate pourer + Free plate pourer for winner

Here are but a handful of the wonderful entries that we received:

Thanks very much to everybody who took part! You are all legends!



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