Library Collections

Yeast and bacteria library collections


The table below lists all available library collections for high-throughput screening in yeast and bacteria.





E. coli Keio Knockout Collection GE Dharmacon & Invitrogen Functional analysis of the E. coli genome
Yeast DAmP Collection – haploid or diploid GE Dharmacon & Invitrogen DAmP allele for essential genes – diploid
Yeast Knockout Collection – essential, heterozygous, homozygous diploid, MATa, MATalpha GE Dharmacon & Invitrogen Functional analysis of the yeast genome
Yeast Genomic Tiling Collection GE Dharmacon & Invitrogen Yeast genome in 2-micro vectore for overexpression
Yeast GFP Collection Invitrogen Protein localization & expression
Yeast ORF Collection GE Dharmacon 4,900 Gateway-adapted yeast open reading frames
Yeast GST Tag Collection GE Dharmacon Protein overexpression
Yeast Protein Interactome Collection GE Dharmacon Genome-wide protein-protein interaction
Yeast Tet-promoter Hughes Collection GE Dharmacon Essential genes under tet-regulatable promoter
Yeast Sigma Deletion Collection – heterozygous, homozygous diploid, MATa or MATalpha Charlie Boone Lab Bar-coded deletion mutant in Sigma 1278b background
Candida glabrata Delection Collection FunPath Functional analysis of the C. glabrata genome
SWAT-Library Weizmann Institute of Sciences SWAp-Tag library creation




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