Singer Instruments Responds to the Climate Emergency

15th October 2019

Singer Instruments Responds to the Climate Emergency

Inspired by, and in response to recent movements to stimulate action, Singer Instruments have updated our Environmental Strategy. This is not a PR stunt to promote Singer Instruments, rather PR efforts to promote environmental and ecological action and to inspire other businesses to do the same.


Accelerating Scientific Breakthroughs

Many of Singer Instruments’ customers are working on renewable technologies to replace crude oil dependency, so the biggest impact we can make is to continue to produce robotics to help accelerate scientific breakthroughs.

Contributing to Scientific Breakthroughs

Singer Instruments are partnering with Dr Alessia Buscaino at the University of Kent to develop Scheffersomyces stipitis strains to convert agriculture and forestry waste into bioethanol.

Engineering for Longevity

As a byproduct of engineering our products for reliability and longevity, Singer Instruments have a very small (but unquantified) landfill footprint. There are MSM 100s, made 30-something years ago, still in the field, and still working!

Overseas Offices

Travel to/from our largest markets (Asia / China / North America) has been massively reduced thanks to our satellite offices.

Shipping Demo Fleet

The distances that we ship our demo fleet of instrumentation has reduced now that we have multiple demo fleets stationed in our overseas offices.

100% renewable electricity

Since 1st October 2019 Singer have chosen to use a 100% renewable electricity supplier, Octopus Energy.

Remote support

Where possible, SI products are supported remotely by internet connection, reducing the carbon footprint of support.

Online demonstrations

Online demonstrations have reduced the carbon footprint of live product demonstrations to customers, without massively affecting the conversion rates.

LED lighting upgrade

(Summer 2019) We are upgrading the factory lighting from fluorescent to LED; 58% more energy efficient and longer lifetimes.

Lobby our local MP

(14/10/2019) Harry sent an email to Ian Liddle-Grainger to appeal to him to support the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill.

Education and horizon-broadening for youngsters

Engage with students and local schools to inspire young minds in a scientific direction that could help make a difference.
Singer engage with students and local schools to inspire young minds in a scientific direction that could help make a difference.


SI chose to use aluminium as our most common metal of choice. One resource for environmental pros and cons of aluminium can be found here.

Promote environmental and ecological awareness and PR to protect the future of the planet

Put a banner on the website and local PR to promote environmental understanding


When the new extension was built in 2013, a heat exchange unit was fitted to the air intake. This, in theory, reduces the energy consumption of heating the building in the winter. The new building is also very well insulated. Other than this, I’m not sure that SI have much claim to energy efficiency. Please turn the lights off!

Air Travel

When we do need to fly, our preferred airport is Bristol; they are actively reducing their CO2 emissions and are committed to being carbon neutral by 2015. Our airline of choice is KLM, ranked the Most Sustainable Airline by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

Where Singer have room for improvement:

  1. Reduce the requirement for product installation: if customers could install themselves, this would remove travel requirements of an installation engineer
  2. Further increase global coverage of employees to reduce travel requirements
  3. Blogs to feature / promote customers who make environmental impacts
  4. Blog to promote initiatives that other SMEs can employ to reduce carbon footprint
  5. Promotion of this blog to other SMEs
  6. Considerations for 360 product lifecycle
  7. Recycling / reduce waste
  8. Reduce the use of consumables used in our products
  9. Reduce the carbon emissions through commuting
  10. Reduce our shipping footprint by seeking rail or sea transport instead of air
  11. Consider the impact of air conditioning throughout HQ
  12. Hold an event to plant a load of trees in the sheep field!?
  13. Promote our environmental strategy on our website to inspire other business to take action


Singer Instruments would be very happy to receive advice or ideas for further improvements through the contact form below. Thanks for reading.


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