What is PIXL?

An ultra-reliable and super-easy-to-use microbial colony picker. It automates imaging, colony recognition, colony selection, and picking; from Petri dishes to multiwell plates.

How does it work with Momentum?

PIXL enables you to filter and pick individual hits of interest and generate new libraries; Thermo Scientific Momentum allows you to build, schedule, and execute custom workflows.

Looking for a medium-throughput, or more affordable solution?

PIXL is also available without Momentum

PIXL is developed in collaboration with leading synthetic biology incubators, SynCTI and SynbiCITE, and industrial partners SynthACE.

What is Momentum?

ThermoFisher’s Momentum is an industry-leading, workflow scheduling software.

Interested in seeing the PIXL with Momentum in action?

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PIXL Feature Video

Manual Detection and Subsurface Colony Picking

PIXL: The World’s most versatile colony picker in the field of Microbiology. Featuring Manual Detection and Subsurface Colony Picking. Never damaging your colonies or your media.

PIXL: Agar-Agar transfer
efficiency report


Increase your picking power and advance your workflows


Precision Colony Picking


Replicate, Re-array and Mate colonies

PIXL in Anaerobic Chamber

Pick even the strictest anaerobic microorganisms with precision colony transfer

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