Random Colony Picking

Pick random colonies from circular, rectangular, or square plates to agar or liquid target plates. Customise your workflow with loads of sectoring, layout, and mixing options.

Re-array Colonies

Pick colonies from user-defined locations and place them at user-defined positions. This is completely customisable, and can use several plate types. Select exact colony coordinates, or traditional well locations.

Colony Detection

Image and detect your colonies of interest and export experimental data without running a workflow.

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Pinning and transfer efficiency data

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Agar to agar: 99.78%



Over 33,000 sterile, disposable tips in a single,
low-cost PickupLine

PIXL Pinning Pressure Report
PIXL Efficiency Report: Agar-Agar

Pinpoint Picking Technology
in a few simple steps

Pinpoint picking technology can cope with any variation in agar height, automatically. PIXL detects the surface and regulates the contact pressure for every pick.

This ensures that every single colony on your plate is picked, without damaging, missing or splashing cells all over the place.

Step 1. Login

Each user can have their own passworded profile. PIXL remembers last used settings; stores templates and logs user actions and parameters.

Step 2. Select Source Plate

Petri or PlusPlate. Pick from the whole plate or define sectors of interest.

Step 3. Select Lighting Channel

Use white, or visualise tagged proteins under one of 5 fluorescent lighting channels.

Step 4. Detect Colonies

Filter hits based on: size, intensity, colour or circularity. Pick them all, or choose a sorted, or randomised subset.

Step 5. Select Target Plate

Select number of replicates; on any density, in any pattern, agar or liquid.

Step 6. Pick Colonies

Review your routine, estimated time and number of plates required, then press go and walk away.

Step 7. Export Data

Export your routine, colony information, and parameters as a CSV file.

Pick the hits that interest you

Capture high-resolution colony images using PIXL’s scientific grade, colour camera.

Trust your results

Sustain close to 100% picking accuracy with precision agar surface detection on every pick.

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Hardware Data

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Hardware Data
Product Code
1 Year
Depth: 730mm
Width: 640mm
Height: 805mm
Weight: 100kg
240VAC at 3 Amps, 100-240VAC Compatible
5MP (2448 x 2048) Resolution
USB 3.0
2/3” Sensor
16mm Autofocus Liquid Lens
21.5″, 1080p Full HD, LED-Backlit LCD Monitor
Edge-to-edge glass display with anti-glare
2.30GHz Intel 6th Gen Dual Core i3-6100U Processor
-20 ~ 60 °C extend temperature operating
2.5” 32GB MLC SSD (0~70°C) – Can be upgraded to:
128GB / 256GB / 512GB
4GB DDR3 Memory
DC-PWR-MIOe – 9V 36V power module
1x White Channel & 5x Fluorescence Channels
UV 1 (380-390 
UV 2 (400-410 
Blue (465-485 nm)
Cyan (490-510 nm)
Green (520-540 nm)

This is not a microscope! It is a colony picker. As such it will not detect sub-cellular or low levels of expression.

Maintain Sterility

Over 33,000 sterile, disposable tips in a single, low-cost PickupLine. (That’s <2 cents per pick, cheaper than a pipette tip).

Detect Fluorescence

6-channel, flat-field SpectraStar™ incident illumination.

Train Everyone

90% of the functionality can be learned in as little as 10 minutes. Lab automation should be accessible, long gone are the days of requiring specialist technicians.

Trace your Data

Trace everything with passworded user profiles.

Automation Ready

Built with automation in mind. Check out PIXL with Momentum for walkaway automation.

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