Colony Counting & Analysis: Upgrade to PhenoBooth+

Discover the benefits and upgrade to the PhenoBooth+ 

Looking for higher-resolution images of your colonies?

Well, we have listened to your feedback and now bring you the PhenoBooth+.

And guess what? Your original PhenoBooth is also upgradable!



Experience advanced colony counting with the PhenoBooth+! Bringing you a vastly improved 41-megapixel camera, which generates a plate resolution of 23MP meaning your images are 4x better than before.


Say goodbye to downtime, PhenoBooth+ has undergone Singer Instruments’ most stringent software reliability testing ever. It’s the perfect tool for colony counting. Offering reliable, clear and precise results, across a range of workflows.


Twice the ram means faster image analysis and almost twice the processing speed, allowing you to run more plates. With 32x more storage you can run as many plates as you require. Trace your colonies and interpret the data in the clarity of a new 21.5″ flat screen monitor.


A comparison between unedited images directly exported from the PhenoBooth and PhenoBooth+ showing Saccharomyces Cerevisiae colonies at 300% magnification.





13MP camera – maximum 5MP Plate Resolution 41MP camera – maximum 23MP Plate Resolution


Computer & Monitor Upgrade

We have upgraded the size of the monitor to enhance your overall experience whilst colony counting. Optimise your image analysis workflow, with improved processor power and speed of image capture.


The next generation of colony counting technology





Processor: Intel® Haswell Core i5-4300U Processor: Intel® Haswell Core i5-9500
Memory: 4GB RAM Memory: 8GB DDR4 2666MHz RAM
Speed: up to 2.9GHz Speed: up to 4.4GHz
Monitor: Touch-screen: 16:9 15.6″ display Monitor: 21.5” – Inc. Micro-desktop (Dell OptiPlex 3070 Small Form Factor)
Keyboard: Compact-Keyboard G84-4100 282 x 132 x 26 mm Keyboard: Dell Desktop KB216 442 mm x 127 mm x 254 mm



New lighting options

Screening for fluorescent proteins on agar is advantageous because it is cost-effective and very high-throughput.


Fluorescence detection

Top and bottom white illumination plus three colour channels included as standard.

Violet: 50% intensity range from 375 – 400nm with peak ~390nm.
Blue: 50% intensity range from 465 – 475nm with a peak at 470nm.
Cyan: 50% intensity range from 490 – 530nm with a peak of 510nm





Tech Specs


Top and bottom white illumination
plus three colour channels included
as standard.

Blue, Violet and Cyan



L: 30.5 cm x W: 30.5 cm x H: 31.5 cm



22 kg


Power Requirements

100-200V AC 50-60 Hz, Power 65 W


Camera Specifications

Scientific grade, 41MP HD CMOS (20.5MP plate resolution)

Auto focus lens


Micro desktop and Monitor

21.5″ flat screen display inc Mouse
Intel Haswell Core i5-9500
Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
128 GB SATA Class20 Solid State Drive


Standard Software Package Included

Colony Counting


Colony Picking Platform

Colony Picking Platform

The PhenoBooth+ can be purchased as part of the Colony Picking Platform which also includes the ROTOR and The Stinger.
Image plates of organisms such as yeast, fungi, bacteria and algae grown on solid or in liquid media using the PhenoBooth+. Select hits by phenotypes such as size, circularity, colour or fluorescent intensity. Import this data into the ROTOR HDA and use The Stinger to transfer cells from hits onto solid or into liquid media. See the video


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