The Yeast Genetics Meeting 2022 @ UCLA

For over 40 years, the Yeast Genetics meeting has been the go-to conference for experts of yeast genetics. Yeast’s versatility, utility and applicability to human health make it an essential tool to understand fields
as diverse as disease modeling, evolution and eukaryotic gene regulation

Photos from the 2022 Conference

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From the 17th until the 19th of August Singer Instruments will be showcasing innovative robots and allowing you to get hands-on with them! Book a demonstration of the high-throughput screening platform ROTOR+ PIXL and find out how yeast geneticists like you have helped them to achieve >10,000 citations! Or get hands-on with the MSM 400 or SporePlay+ and have a go at dissecting tetrads!

📣 We will be showcasing something new at the conference

PIXL with Momentum. ThermoFisher’s industry-leading scheduling software Momentum alongside the Spinnaker robotic arm integrates with PIXL providing a fully walk-away colony picking solution.  And for the first time, ROTOR+ and PhenoBooth+ will be at the conference. 

What’s more, you can reserve a limited-edition t-shirt featuring a radiant rainbow streak pattern of yeast colonies to show your passion for the organism. Fill out the form below to reserve yours now before they’re gone!  And of course, no Yeast Genetics meeting would be complete without a Singer Instruments-sponsored mixer at 9pm on Wednesday 🎉 Wines, games, beers, cocktails shaken or stirred, they’ll be there! 🍸

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