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  • PhenoBooth

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  • PIXL

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  • ROTOR+

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  • Tetrad Dissection

    Tetrad Dissection (7)

  • Dust cover for the MSM 400.

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    115.97 GBP

    MSM Needle Holder

    Replacement needle holders.

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    From: 291.11 GBP

    Slide holder for MSM 400 or SporePlay+

    Easily convert the MSM or SporePlay+ stage for use with standard microscope slides.

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    323.45 GBP

    PhenoBooth Petri Dish Adaptor - Colony Counting

    Adaptor to use Petri dishes with the PhenoBooth, ROTOR or PIXL.

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    From: 147.30 GBP

    Turntable service kit for the ROTOR

    Turntable service kit for the ROTOR. Contains: 2x Turntable Bump Stops & 1x Turntable Drive Tyre.

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    17.06 GBP

    ROTOR Pad Hopper

    The ROTOR comes with one hopper as standard (for feeding RePads). Extra hoppers can increase workflow.

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    271.70 GBP

    ROTOR Dump Drawer

    The ROTOR and PIXL each come with one dump drawer as standard (for collecting waste pads and tips). Extra dump drawers can increase workflow.

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    From: 135.86 GBP