Buy Singer PlusPlates - SBS format

    Box of 200 SBS-format PlusPlates with lids.

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    220.00 GBP

    Buy ROTOR HDA RePads - Pin Pads

    Singer RePads are high-quality plastic replica-plating pads that transfer colonies between plates.

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    From: 215.00 GBP

    Buy Dissection Needles for the MSM 400 and SporePlay+

    Box of 10 Dissection Needles. Carefully engineered with precision and rigorously quality controlled for strength, light transmission and other special properties necessary for optimal biological manipulation.

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    102.00 GBP

    Buy MSM 400 / SporePlay+ MicroZapper - Spore agitator

    Electronically controlled needle agitator for optimum spore separation.

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    From: 66.30 GBP

    MSM 400 & SporePlay+ Objectives

    Extra-long working distance objectives for dissection.

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    From: 119.34 GBP

    Steel Pins for The Stinger

    Set of pins for The Stinger ROTOR accessory.

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    From: 86.70 GBP

    Pin Cassette for The Stinger

    Empty pin cassette with 384 pin locations for The Stinger.

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    504.90 GBP

    ROTOR Compressor

    Necessary for labs with no pressurised air supply.

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    2,397.00 GBP

    Serial Filler Media Dispensing Kit

    Increase workflow and convenience whilst the other components are being sterilised. Kit includes: bung, pipework, HEPA venting filter, 2m silicone umbilical and dispensing nozzle.

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    140.00 GBP