Colony Picking: PIXL

Join the colony picking revolution & increase your precision & sterility with PIXL You told us that PIXL needed to: Be easy to use by anybody in the lab Adapt to your protocol Trace and export every plate, colony and parameter Pick the hits that interest you Trust your results Maintain sterility Detect fluorescence Train … Continue reading Colony Picking: PIXL

High-Throughput Screening: ROTOR HDA

Genome-wide screening is easy when you have the right tools. You need a collection library – which we don’t provide (but we can tell you who does)! And you need a precision method of pinning colonies – this is why we created the ROTOR.     data-hj-allow-iframe=””    

Colony Counting & Analysis: PhenoBooth

Counting E. coli colonies is easy. Counting pseudo-invisible, sausage-shaped colonies and excluding yellow circular ones isn’t. Oh wait, yes it is, I have a PhenoBooth.   PACKAGE PLUG-IN COLONY COUNTING COLONY PICKING COLONY SCREENING Colony Size Colony Circularity Colour Fluorescence Colony Coordinates Export Colony Picker Integration Gene Mapping Heatmap Visualisation Control vs. Experiment Comparison (in … Continue reading Colony Counting & Analysis: PhenoBooth

Colony Screening Upgrade: PhenoBooth

We’re not going to interpret your results, but we’ll do everything to get you there – From image acquisition to data visualisation, straight out of the box. The Colony Screening Upgrade is a complete software package for the PhenoBooth Colony Imager. It is not a standalone product.   PACKAGE PLUG-IN PHENOBOOTH Colony Screening UPGRADE Colony … Continue reading Colony Screening Upgrade: PhenoBooth

Colony Picking Upgrade: PhenoBooth

Automatic colony picking has never been as reliable as a human with a toothpick. The PhenoBooth and Stinger changed this. Incredible accuracy and repeatability, not subject to mood swings or hangovers. The Colony Picking Upgrade is a software package that integrates the PhenoBooth Colony Imager and the The Stinger Colony Picker. It is not a … Continue reading Colony Picking Upgrade: PhenoBooth

Dissection Microscope: MSM 400

Demystify the dark art of tetrad dissection before coffee break; teach your entire lab to do the same by lunch time! Singer Instruments have been helping people around the World achieve exactly this for the last 30 years by making this classical genetics technique as easy and fun as playing a video game!   data-hj-allow-iframe=””

Dissection Microscope: SporePlay+

Singer Instruments have listened to you, worked with you and learnt from you for the last 30 years. We’ve built our entire reputation around the yeast community and, more specifically, yeast tetrad dissection. If there is one thing that you can feel assured of, it’s that the SporePlay+ can dissect tetrads.    

Single Colony Picking: The Stinger

Up to 40% of lab time is lost on repetitive, menial tasks. Automate your random colony picking and high-throughput screening with speed, accuracy and versatility. Combine the Stinger and the ROTOR to bring your lab zombies back from the dead. The Stinger is a modular extension of the ROTOR HDA. It is not a standalone … Continue reading Single Colony Picking: The Stinger

Micromanipulation: Mk1 Manipulator

NASA won’t tell us how they use their Mk1 Micromanipulators, but the international space station is still in orbit so we must have done something right. data-hj-allow-iframe=””