What is ColonyCam VOGUE?

A bench-top, microbial imaging workstation, developed from the ground up to take high-resolution, super-highly uniform colour photography of microbial colonies on agar.

Why waste your time analysing low-quality images?

Begin with uncompromising quality: leverage high-resolution optics and advanced lighting technology with ColonyCam VOGUE. High-resolution makes it easier to set thresholds objectively and consistently to maximise detection of even the smallest colonies and features. Uniform illumination ensures precise phenotyping data for every colony on the plate and enhances the reproducibility of experiments. Standardise source data acquisition by starting with a top-tier image, eliminating the need for complex pre-analysis workarounds.

Left: Competitive colony imaging device. Right: ColonyCam VOGUE.

Why ColonyCam VOGUE?

It takes freakin’ high-resolution images

Capture publication quality, high-resolution images, unlocking deeper colony phenotyping.

A monkey can operate it
(Not yet proven)

Zero configuration is required to achieve uniformly illuminated images, in high resolution.

It’s super

SBS, Petri. With
or without lids.

Robot friendly

Designed to seamlessly integrate with robotic arms, ColonyCam VOGUE includes a robust and well-documented API enabling high-throughput imaging workflows.

It’ll grow with you

Evolving through modular software upgrades, ColonyCam VOGUE’s functionality will soon expand. Upcoming features include colony counting and whatever else you can imagine.

High resolution colour photography with diffuse top-lit illumination.


High contrast, parallax-free monochrome photography with bottom-lit illumination.

ColonyCam GLOW

High resolution fluorescence photography with multiple illumination channels

ColonyCam VOGUE Resources

Screening Scheffersomyces stipitis natural isolates

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