Pick anaerobic microorganisms with precision

Singer Instruments’ PIXL is an easy-to-use and ultra-reliable colony picker with a small footprint making it the ideal choice for anaerobic research. The intelligent software automates imaging, colony recognition, and colony picking. Filters enable the selection of interesting colonies by shape or size, colour, or via fluorescent markers.

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Targeted microbiome engineering using CRISPR-based medicines

SNIPR Biome aims to make targeted microbiome engineering with CRISPR-based precision medicines. Their mission is to develop CRISPR-based medicines that give hope for effective and safe treatment of difficult-to-treat diseases in the future.

Featured Interview: Mari Rodriguez
Senior Scientist at SNIPR Biome

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“We are isolating and characterising different strains of feed- and food-grade bacteria to expand our company’s in-house collection. We are then screening for enzymes of interest and for strains that could be useful either as production strains (e.g., in fermentations) or as probiotics. The PIXL, we have so far used to spot our strains on 96 well agar plates for assaying. It allows us to quickly do replication as well.”

Sandra Kittelmann
Team Lead Animal Health and Nutrition at Wilmar International

Singer and COY

Singer Instruments have teamed up with COY Labs, the most cited chamber manufacturer in the world, to supply a standard configuration chamber that PIXL can be housed in.

Picking Anaerobes

This enables research on the microbiome, identification of probiotics, or production of strains of interest. The package alleviates researchers of many months spent manually picking colonies in an anaerobic environment and automates the irksome, repetitive task to remove human error within data sets and increase traceability.

Designed for PIXL

A bespoke anaerobic chamber has been designed for PIXL taking into account the end user’s experience from installation to regular workflow operation. This takes away a lot of the guesswork on behalf of the researchers and the chamber manufacturer. Integration couldn’t be easier.

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Struggling to achieve the throughput you desire?


Automate precision colony transfer at ultra-high plate densities.

PIXL with Momentum

A flexible high-throughput high-precision colony picking system that can scale and adjust to future demands.


High resolution colony imaging and analysis.

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