What is PIXL?

An ultra-reliable and super-easy-to-use microbial colony picker. PIXL automates imaging, colony recognition, colony selection, and picking; from Petri dishes to multiwell plates.


PIXL doesn’t rely on compressed air and has a small footprint, perfect for use inside anaerobic chambers.

Pick Diverse Microorganisms

PIXL uses the freshly-cut end of a sterile PickupLine to transfer microbial colonies, with a unique swirling motion to pick tricky organisms.

Sterility icon_colony picker with anaerobic chamber


The Pickupline is cut after each pick, eliminating the requirement for lengthy washing cycles and the associated risk of contamination.

Target Colony picking_colony picker with anaerobic chamber

Anaerobic Microorganisms

Perfect for identification and picking of anaerobic production strains, with a pinning transfer efficiency of 99.78%.

Zone of Inhibition Analysis_colony picker with anaerobic chamber

Zone of Inhibition Analysis

Automatically identify central colonies and measure their inhibition zones. Efficient for screening strains with the strongest antimicrobial properties.

Here’s what current PIXL user Mari Rodrigues, senior scientist at SNIPR Biome, had to say:

“I have been using the PIXL on a weekly if not daily basis. The PIXL is extremely reliable, I haven’t had any issues with contamination, breakdown or just any sort of malfunction, it’s worked beautifully every time I’ve needed it.”

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Anaerobic Chambers

Collaborating with leading anaerobic chamber providers, we deliver colony picking solutions than can be seamlessly integrated to meet your research needs.

High-throughput bioprospecting: Automatic colony picking of non-model fungal and bacterial species.

See how PIXL could be readily utilised in bioprospecting applications and other fields that use non-model organisms.

PIXL picking yeast

How can automated colony picking help you overcome challenges in the development of precision probiotics?

Find out how current PIXL users are developing probiotics.

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