What is it?

This easy-to-use, compact bench-top robot is elegantly designed for the picking and re-plating of yeast, fungi, bacteria and algae colonies at densities 96, 384, 1536 and 6144. Using the 6144 RePads.

What it can do?

ROTOR+ can replicate the entire yeast deletion library in quadruplicate in less than 20 seconds! Reagent sets such as deletion mutant collections and the complete set of cloned yeast genes can be utilised for high-throughput 2-hybrid, synthetic genetic array, phenotypic and chemical-genetic analyses.

How does it work?

ROTOR+ uses a robotic arm and sterile, ready-to-use replica plating pads to pick up samples of cells from culture plates. The robotic arm then moves to a new ‘target’ plate and deposits the cells. The operator selects and uses an appropriate program from a simple, drop-down menu.

How can the ROTOR+ help you?

ROTOR+ is capable of pinning nearly a million colonies per hour. Making it the fastest and most powerful colony manipulation robot in the world. It is essential for any large-scale microbial functional or chemical genomic studies.

What can I use it for?

Duplicate and back up large libraries of yeast, fungi, bacteria, and algae.

Re-plate cells from liquid to agar and vice versa.

Replicate, mate, and re-array from single or multiple source plates at densities of 96, 384, 1536, and 6144. See examples of pinning arrays here.

Synthetic Genetic Array (SGA), Chemical Genomics, Yeast 2-hybrid, and other cell-based screening assays.

Add The Stinger single colony picker to selectively re-array groups, or individual colonies from large microbial arrays.

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Struggling to achieve the throughput you desire?

Looking to increase your lab’s productivity?

ROTOR+ PIXL could be the perfect option!

PIXL with Momentum

A flexible high-throughput high-precision colony picking system that can scale and adjust to future demands.


Automate precision colony transfer at high densities.


High-resolution colony imaging

PIXL in Anaerobic Chamber

Pick even the strictest anaerobic microorganisms with precision colony transfer

Synthesising a designer yeast chromosome with the help of PIXL

High-Throughput Screening of Green Algae Transformants

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