Micromanipulation: Mk1 Manipulator

NASA won’t tell us how they use their Mk1 Micromanipulators, but the international space station is still in orbit so we must have done something right.

Mk1 - Micromanipulation

How does it work?

The comfortable ‘pencil’ grip on the Mk1 allows intuitive control of the attached tool. The unique 3D pantograph is perfectly counter-balanced to provide fine linear and angular control with a four-fold reduction in hand movement. Each operation is smoothly and accurately reproduced without ‘backlash’ or loss of technique. The spring-loaded bearings are designed to self-compensate for wear so that servicing is virtually eliminated and a long operational lifetime is expected.


What can I use it for?

  • Xenopus oocyte injection
  • Electronics fine soldering
  • Small crystal orientation
  • Microdissection and microsurgery
  • Fine-art restoration
  • Archaeology sample cleaning

What is it?

The Mk1 Micromanipulator is a small, highly balanced manual device designed for delicate, steady handling and control of precision needles and tools. Using natural hand movements, the Mk1 moves the tools in the same directions as the hand moves.  The Mk1 can be left at any position without the need for an additional tilt mount.


What does it do?

The Micromanipulator is most commonly used to work with samples under stereoscopic microscopes, singly, or in mirror-image pairs and offers outstanding levels of performance from 1 to 200 times magnification.

Microdissection and Microsurgery - Singer Instruments Mk1 application

Electronics Fine Soldering - Singer Instruments Mk1 application



What is the reduction?

The Mk1 has a 4:1 reduction and a counterbalanced action with zero backlash.


What magnification is possible with Mk1?

This is dependent on the user. 100 diameters is the maximum recommended magnification. However, some have used it <200 diameters with a decent stereo microscope.


What is a Mk1 Injection Delivery Kit?

The Mk1 Injection Delivery Kit is a glass syringe with micrometer-controlled syringe clamp.


What tools can I use the Mk1 with?

Mk1 is compatible with any tools that are smaller than 9mm in diameter and no longer than 80mm.  Examples of the tools are needles, pipettes, knives, etching tools, tungsten needles, soldering irons, brushes, remote controlled and vacuum forceps.


What is a Mk1 Injection Needles Kit?

The Mk1 Injection Needles Kit is PTFE tubing pipette holder that allows the MK1 to hold needles or other tools that are less than 2mm in diameter. This includes 100 correct sized glass capillaries to be drawn into needles.


Tech Specs

Mk1 - Manual Micromanipulator



Product Code

Right-handed: MK1-001

Left-handed: MK1-002



L: 20 cm x W: 20 cm x H: 35 cm



3.2 kg


Movement Reduction



Total Vertical Movement

235 mm


Max Pantograph Overhang

130 mm


Pantograph Head Rotation




Tool Axial Movement



Tool Tip Movement

20 mm horizontal

20 mm vertical

50 mm transverse



Toolholder Capacity (cross section Ø)

0.1 mm minimum to 8 mm maximum


Optimum Tool Length (overhang)

70 mm


Maximum Tool Weight

40-50 g


Backlash / Lost Motion



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