PIXL Pinning Pressure Report

PIXL Pinning Pressure Report Tom Drake, Singer Instruments, Roadwater, UK. 01/03/2019

PIXL Efficiency Report: Agar-Agar

PIXL Efficiency Report: Agar-Agar Tom Drake, Singer Instruments, Roadwater, UK.

How to Dissect a Tetrad


What is High-Throughput Screening?

High-throughput Screening Assays 24/03/2015      

How to Digest Tetrads

How to digest tetrads with Zymolyase   Pick a sporulated culture with a toothpick Add spores to 50 µl dH2O Add 1ul of 5 U/µl Zymolyase (E1004B; Zymo Research) into the culture Leave at room temperature for 5 minutes. Check efficiency of Zymolyase under the microscope. Repeat step 4 until the asci are digested to … Continue reading How to Digest Tetrads

How to Make Agar

How to Make Agar Preparing Yeast Plates (The Hahn Lab, The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre and Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Seattle)   AMINO ACID MIX (40X) USE 0.6 g/LITRE Tyrosine 2 g Arginine 4 g Phenylalanine 2 g Threonine 4 g Isoleucine 2 g Aspartic Acid 2 g Serine 2 g Valine 2 g … Continue reading How to Make Agar

Library Collections

Yeast and bacteria library collections   The table below lists all available library collections for high-throughput screening in yeast and bacteria.   Library Host Applications E. coli Keio Knockout Collection GE Dharmacon & Invitrogen Functional analysis of the E. coli genome Yeast DAmP Collection – haploid or diploid GE Dharmacon & Invitrogen DAmP allele for … Continue reading Library Collections

What are Genetic Mutation?

Genetic Mutation Jay Yang Singer Instruments, Roadwater, Somerset, UK, TA23 0RE 23/03/2015   What are mutations? Mutations are defined as any permanent changes in the DNA sequence of an organism.  The size of a mutation can range from one single nucleotide to an entire region in a chromosome.  There are many types of mutations (Figure … Continue reading What are Genetic Mutation?

How to Grow Yeast

How to Grow Yeast 15/03/2018   INTRODUCTION When working with any yeast strain, begin with a newly isolated colony to avoid the possibility of working with a contaminated culture.  Most strains can be streaked onto complete medium, YPD.  However, in cases where the strain is unstable, streak the cells onto selective medium to retain the … Continue reading How to Grow Yeast