Did you meet our cool new robots at SLAS?

No, not them…


SLAS delegates this year were among the first to get a glimpse of our latest robot offerings: new kid on the block ‘ColonyCam’ and revamped ‘PIXL Dark’.

The good news for lab managers is that both products are designed with automation in mind – robot-arm compatible and with API as standard – making them fully fit for the labs of the future.

ColonyCam: Vogue is our new ultra-high definition plate imager built for modern life sciences labs, taking your microbes from drab and dowdy to runway-ready. And if you made it along to our SLAS booth we hope you’ll agree, those are some darn sexy plate pix!

Our product development team knew that tiny colonies and a lack of robot-friendly options can be a serious headache for labs looking to automate colony imaging workflows involving busy diverse plates.

They set out to solve the problem by building the highest-resolution plate imager on the market, complete with the added benefit of being automation-ready from the get go.

Supermodel organisms

Where many plate imaging solutions are let down by poor image quality, ColonyCam:Vogue combines next-generation optics with clever lighting technology to achieve crisp, clear pictures of your biology. With the improved statistical power that higher-quality images provide, labs can achieve more meaningful quantitative analysis to speed up time to market. So whether you’re seeking to automate manual processes, leverage the latest tools in machine learning or AI, or capture pictures fit for the pages of prestigious journals, do consider whether high-resolution imaging can elevate your science.

PIXL Dark, our flagship precision colony picker, has been upgraded and now comes with the added option of an automatic door, for use in anaerobic chambers as well as seamless integration with robotic arms. While customers love PIXL’s ultra high-precision picking abilities, <99% transfer rates and minimal downtime between runs, a few were finding that the way the manual door opens wasn’t ideal for their lab setup.

Those working inside anaerobic chambers simply didn’t have the space for easy door opening. While labs working with light curtains to allow integration with a robotic arm were having difficulty using fluorescent filters due to incursion from environmental light.

Scientists at Snipr Biome use a PIXL inside an anaerobic chamber.

Our designers quickly realised that both scenarios could easily be fixed with the addition of one basic feature: an automated lifting door allowing all users to access the full functionality of PIXL. And so we welcome PIXL Dark: perfect for robotic arms and confined spaces. Sometimes the simplest solutions are some of the most satisfying.

Big thanks from Tony and Harrison

Tony and Harrison returned from SLAS with many great stories from customers new and old about how highly you rate our products. Feedback like that really is why we get out of bed in the morning! So it’s a big thank you from all of us at Singer Instruments for your continued support for and taking the time to find out about our latest products and developments.

It’s our utmost privilege to be at world class conferences like SLAS, serving our scientific community and helping you deliver more impactful experiments faster thanks to lab automation.

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