Boveri S, Rainieri S, Pulvirenti A

Can J Microbiol. 2012 Mar;58(3):350–8

The crossing of Saccharomyces strains by spore conjugation is one of the ways to obtain new starter cultures for the fermentation industry. One of the major difficulties of this practice is the identification of the newly formed hybrids. In this work we describe an effective molecular method for the validation of Saccharomyces intraspecific crosses. The method described is based in the hypothesis that hybrids constructed by spore conjugation contain the sum of the genomes of both parental strains. As a consequence, the conjugation of spores of two yeasts showing different genomic fingerprinting profiles will result in a hybrid culture that will show the sum of both profiles. We demonstrated that the detection of polymorphism in two genes containing minisatellite-like sequences, either SED1 or AGA1, is suitable for this purpose. Using this strategy we were able to validate 15crosses out of 162 hybridization attempts.