We are overjoyed to be announced as ‘Employer of the Year’ at the Somerset Business Awards. At Singer Instruments we develop world-class robots for biotechnology. Our products accelerate science in laboratories in over 50 countries, for customers like NASA, Cancer Research UK, and the top 50 universities in the World.

The Employer of the Year award is recognition of 4 years of hard work, specifically aimed at improving staff inclusivity, satisfaction, and retention:
‘Profit Share for Nerds’ is a Company bonus scheme, launched in 2016. 50% of profits above target are divided among all employees. This year, our staff are due to receive bonuses at 13% of their annual salary.

We launched ‘Equity for Nerds’ in 2018. As a recognised Government SIP scheme, this optional employee share options scheme gives employees a tax-efficient way to receive bonuses and make an investment that is currently growing at about 25%. Year one saw a 50% adoption rate, and half of Singer Instruments employees are now business owners!

Other notable initiatives include a program to increase salaries towards being nationally competitive;  a transparent pay banding structure for fairness and to augment understanding of career progression; a program to increase holiday allowance by an extra day per year for the next 5 years.

Since the implementation of these initiatives, we have noted a marked improvement in staff retention from 75% to 91%.

We now perform above Health & Safety Executive (HSE) targets in all categories: Demands; Control; Managers’ Support, Peer Support, Relationships, Role, and Change. The HSE has recently showcased Singer as a case study in recognising and dealing with the prevention of workplace stress and related issues.

Our MD Harry Singer, 3rd Generation family-owner of Singer Instruments says: “Recruiting high-quality engineers, software developers, and biologists is difficult, especially when you’re based in a tiny little village like Roadwater. Over the years we’ve had to work extra hard to make Singer Instruments attractive enough to lure engineers from the likes of Red Bull Racing and managers away from BMW and Facebook. It’s really nice to get recognised as a great place to work, thanks very much to the Chamber of Commerce and Somerset Business Awards!”

At Singer, we believe in a healthy work-life balance, with staff encouraged to limit working hours from 9 to 5. The atmosphere is relaxed, attitudes are positive, and nobody wears a suit. We firmly believe that a strong focus on transparency, clear growth pathways, an inclusive strategy, and a shared rewards structure makes for a dynamic, buzzing atmosphere with engaged, happy teams who really look forward to coming into work on a Monday morning. Most of the time!

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