Colony Screening Upgrade: PhenoBooth+

We’re not going to interpret your results, but we’ll do everything to get you there – From image acquisition to data visualisation, straight out of the box.

The Colony Screening Upgrade is a complete software package for the PhenoBooth Colony Imager. It is not a standalone product.

Arrayed colony analysis of SBS rectangular plates - Heat Maps 

What is it?

The Colony Screening Upgrade is a software package for the PhenoBooth Colony Imager. Optimised for use with the ROTOR Colony Replication Robot, it offers high-throughput quantitative analysis of your Synthetic Genetic, Yeast 2-Hybrid or Random Mutagenesis arrays. Allowing your image analysis to keep up with your high-throughput pinning.

How does it work?

Use the PhenoBooth to acquire high-resolution images of your colonies on agar plates. Automatically relate control and experimental plates, as well as defining biological and technical replicates. Use inbuilt filters to detect upper and lower thresholds of your phenotype of interest: such as size, circularity, and colour. Automatically assign gene names to your collection. Then batch apply these filters across all of your images with a single-click. Visualise the hits and export all of your results. Easy!
The Colony Screening upgrade also includes the new Web Application, offering new advanced analysis and visualisation of colony data sets exported from the PhenoBooth. It includes: new in plate and multi-plate normalisation options; boxplots and heatmaps; and more experimental design options based on all of your feedback.

PhenoBooth Colony Counter Screening Analysis Heat Map 

PhenoBooth Colony Counter Screening Analysis Box Plot 

Why do I need it?

  • Find the phenotypes that interest you – Screen colonies by: size, fluorescent intensity, colour, circularity or brightness
  • Stop wasting effort – Image Pre-processing, Measurement, Normalisation, Analysis and Visualisation, with a single-click
  • Detect hits in real time – Mouse over a colony and see its gene name and variation from control and replicates instantly
  • Understand results faster – Inbuilt heatmap visualisations highlight growth differences between your control and experimental conditions
  • Get the best results – Nothing compares. Detect every colony, every time, even at 6,144 array density



Colony Screening UPGRADE
Colony Size
Colony Circularity
Gene Mapping
Heatmap Visualisation
Control vs. Experiment Comparison (in replicate)



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