The BioArt competition to celebrate the launch of PhenoBooth+ sparked creative microbiologists around the world. 

Thank you to all of the labs that entered their BioArt. 

Singer Instruments are pleased to announce the shortlist as follows:

  • Horse and Cat by Erik Rodriguez, The George Washington University 
  • Microbes in Paris and Ada Lovelace by Rhizome Association 
  • ContiCollection by Hans-Peter Schmitz, University of Osnabrück
  • Research in Microbiology: From Earth to the Great Unknown by Jean-Philippe Côté, The University of Sherbrooke
  • FluoroPac and Pacmembert by Amritpal Singh, Imperial College Centre for Synthetic Biology
  • E.coli-Rangoli by Balaram Khamari, Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning
  • Sunset at Cold Spring Harbor by Elena Ivanova, Institute of Molecular Biology, Mainz
  • Pinky the gorgi by Kaveh Emami, Newcastle University
  • Having fun with the Stinger and fluorescent yeasts by Matthias Meurer, Center for Molecular Biology at Heidelberg University
  • Fractal by Marcus Walker, Imperial College Centre for Synthetic Biology

The Judges

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  • Harry Singer – Singer Instruments’ Managing Director and Physicist, did art at school for a bit
  • Leo Davey – An award-winning, professional artist, keen to explore BioArt
  • Grant Brown – Molecular Biologist, Professor at University of Toronto, enjoys teaching BioArt at Summer schools
  • Ben Pollard – Software Manager, with no discernible talent for art, programmed the PhenoBooth+
  • Jose Aguiar-Cervera – PhD student and PhenoBooth+ user who loves yeast
  • Leah Ashley – Synthetic Biologist and Singer Instruments’ Asia-Pacific Manager, has a GCSE in art – don’t ask for her grade

The judging has now been held, stay tuned to see who the lucky winner is!

Which is your favourite plate? 

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