Schmidt U, Lehmann K, Stahl U

FEMS Yeast Res. 2002 Aug;2(3):267–76

In a screen of nuclear genes that assist splicing of mitochondrial localized group II introns in yeast we isolated low-copy number suppressors of splicing and respiratory-deficient point mutants of intron aI5gamma, the last intron of the gene encoding cytochrome c oxidase subunit I. One of the genes found contains the open reading frame (ORF) YGL064c that has previously been proposed to encode a putative RNA helicase of the DEADbox family. Deletion of the ORF gives rise to 100% cytoplasmic petites, indicating that the protein plays an essential role in the mitochondrial RNA metabolism. Overexpression of YGL064c-GFP fusions clearly revealed a mitochondrial localization of the protein. The gene encodes the fourth putative RNA helicase of Saccharomyces cerevisiae implicated in a mitochondrial function and was therefore termed MRH4 (for mitochondrial RNA helicase).