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Serial Filler.

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  • Serial Filler Media Dispensing Kit

    Increase workflow and convenience whilst the other components are being sterilised. Kit includes: bung, pipework, HEPA venting filter, 2m silicone umbilical and dispensing nozzle.

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    180.63 GBP

    Serial Filler HEPA Cabinet Filters

    Pack of two HEPA filters, with 99.95% global efficiency and 99.75% local efficiency for MPPS particles, which ensures maximum sterility of the Serial Filler interior.

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    426.21 GBP

    Serial Filler Dispensing Nozzle

    Aluminium dispensing nozzle for the Serial Filler.

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    63.70 GBP

    Serial Filler Drip Tray

    Spare drip tray for the Serial Filler.

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    31.43 GBP

    Serial Filler Lead Ring

    Vinyl-coated lead ring for weighing down 500-2000ml flasks.

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    60.06 GBP

    Serial Filler Silicone Umbilicals Tubing

    Pack of 2m silicone media dispensing umbilicals, crucial to obtain optimal throughput for labs pouring multiple types of media or drugs.

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    204.28 GBP

    Serial Filler UV Lamp

    12″ germicidal 8W tube for Serial Filler or PIXL.

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    14.67 GBP