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Technical Data

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Technical Data
Product Code
L: 37.5 cm x W: 24 cm x H: 43 cm
15.2 kg
Power requirements
110 – 240V AC
Optical System
X20 LWD objective
x15 wide field eyepieces
X, Y & Z Axis control from single joystick
Twist-lock mechanism
Tool holder clamp for quick needle change
Z axis movement 27 mm with fixed upper limit stop for lens protection
5 mm click stop grid positions
2x 12×4 grids for total of 96 spores
Choice of inoculum position
Tool Holder
Pinch-release needle replacement function
Tool holder stop with fine control
Coarse focus with torque adjustment & lock
Fine focus with 1 μm minimum increment
Externally mounted lamp house, 6V/30W
Quartz Halogen illumination
In preparation: 3W LED illumination, 6000K & 4500K

Dissection Needles Data

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Needles Data
Product code
Hand made
Experts in hand-making Tetrad Dissection Needles for more than thirty years, they contain a
light-optimising, 50 um diameter fibre core that is supported by a thicker, taper-ended glass envelope. This unique construction gives the perfect combination of strength and flexibility that gives the needles a very long life.

The needles come in boxes of 10, with discounts available if ordering multiple boxes
Carefully engineered for light-optimising transmission
Easy to handle
Long enough to reach the thinnest agar
Very hard to break

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