Colony Picking Upgrade: PhenoBooth+

Automatic colony picking has never been as reliable as a human with a toothpick. The PhenoBooth and Stinger changed this. Incredible accuracy and repeatability, not subject to mood swings or hangovers.

The Colony Picking Upgrade is a software package that integrates the PhenoBooth Colony Imager and the The Stinger Colony Picker. It is not a standalone product.

Colony imaging and analysis of SBS rectangular plates and petri dishes 

What is it?

The Colony Picking Upgrade is a software package for the PhenoBooth Colony Counter. It boasts micron precise coordinate export of randomly distributed colonies on agar, for re-arraying in liquid or agar using The Stinger Colony Picker.

How does it work?

Use the PhenoBooth to acquire high-resolution images of your colonies on agar. Use inbuilt filters to detect upper and lower thresholds of your phenotype of interest. Then batch apply these filters across all of your images with a single-click.
The Colony Picking Upgrade implements meticulously calculated algorithms to translate pixel coordinates to fractions of millimetres. Seamlessly export these coordinates to .CSV to be read by The Stinger Colony Picker.

Why do I need it?

  • Pick the hits that interest you – Filter colonies by: size, fluorescent intensity, colour, circularity or brightness
  • Don’t compromise your researchPick colonies with close to 100% accuracy
  • Stop wasting effort – Filter colonies in your first image and batch apply settings to all others.
  • Give yourself flexibility – Export a Stinger-ready colony picking routine, for colony transfer into liquid or agar SBS plates
  • Save time – Pin colonies to many plates using a single .CSV file
  • Get high-throughput – Pin to 96, 384, 1,536 and 6,144 density arrays
  • Trust your results – The Stinger agar surface detection prevents cross-contamination ‘splashing’ of cells, a common problem when plunging into agar
  • Automate your lab – Integrate the PhenoBooth with The Stinger across a single network



Colony Size
Colony Circularity
Colony Coordinates Export
Colony Picker Integration



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