What is it?

The PhenoBooth+ Colony Counter is a fast, super-easy to use, closed-chamber Colony Counter for imaging and analysis of colonies on agar. It uses a scientific-grade camera and produces 23-megapixel plate images. It includes five lighting channels to capture high-resolution colony images from Petri dishes and rectangular plates.

How does it work?

Insert a Petri dish with visible bacteria, yeast or other microorganisms into the input tray; select your preferred wavelength; autofocus and capture your plates in seconds. Filter for properties of interest just once; hit ‘Batch Analyse’ and walk away as PhenoBooth+ automates the tedious analysis across all of your plates with a single click.

Advanced Detection

Colonies can be filtered by size, colour, circularity and brightness. Applications include Colony Counting, Growth Curves, and Fluorescence (BFP/GFP/YFP/mCherry*) Detection.

*The PhenoBooth+ is not a microscope! It is a macroscopic CCD imaging workstation. As such it will not detect sub-cellular or low levels of expression.

23 Megapixel plate images

The image above is an unedited export directly from PhenoBooth+ showing Saccharomyces Cerevisiae colonies at 300% magnification.

Struggling to achieve the throughput you desire?

Looking to increase your lab’s productivity?

ROTOR+ PIXL could be the perfect option!

ROTOR+ PIXL for High-throughput colony picking


Accurate colony
picking platform

SI Colony-picking Platform has more than 98% picking accuracy regardless of agar height.

PhenoBooth+ and round petri dish

PhenoBooth+ and Stinger
picking accuracy


Precision colony picking.


Automate precision colony transfer at ultra-high densities.

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