Comprehensive Phenotyping

Filter colonies by size, colour, circularity and brightness.

Get the best results

Second to none. Top-quality illumination and photography for optimal analysis.

Analyse anything

Select from any of 4 SpectraStar™ incident illumination channels: white, blue, cyan, and violet or 1 transmission illumination channel. Accepts standard 25mm emissions filters for fluorescence detection.


Batch processing and analysis across hundreds of images with a single click. Reduce 3-month screens to just a couple of days.


Detect every colony, every time, even at 6,144 array density.

Future-proof your lab

Application-specific software packages, such as Colony Screening or Colony Picking are integrated seamlessly with additional plug-ins available for advanced functionality.

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Hardware Data

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Hardware Data
Top and bottom white illumination plus three colour channels included as standard.
Blue, Violet and Cyan
L: 30.5 cm x W: 30.5 cm x H: 31.5 cm
22 kg
Power Requirements
100-200V AC 50-60 Hz, Power 65 W
Camera Specifications
Scientific grade, 41MP HD CMOS (23 MP plate resolution)
Auto focus lens
Micro Desktop and Monitor
21.5″ flat screen display including mouse
Intel Haswell Core i5-9500
Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
128 GB SATA Class20 Solid State Drive
Standard Software Package Included
Colony Counting
Additional Software Packages
Colony Screening Upgrade
Colony Picking Upgrade

Enhance your fluorescent lighting options

Screening for fluorescence on agar is advantageous because it is cost-effective and very high-throughput.

While PhenoBooth+ can detect fluorescence, bear in
mind this is a macroscopic CCD imaging workstation and not a microscope. As such, it will not detect subcellular or low levels of expression.



Top and bottom white illumination plus three colour channels included as standard.

Blue, Violet and Cyan

Relative Luminous Intensity vs. Wavelength is shown below. Violet: 50% intensity range from 375 – 400nm, with peak ~390nm. Blue: 50% intensity range from 465 – 475nm, with a peak at 470nm. Cyan: 50% intensity range from 490 – 530nm with a peak of 510nm.

Colony Screening

Colony Picking

Mato Lagator: Tackling antimicrobial resistance

Find out why Mato Lagator at The University of Manchester uses PhenoBooth+ to support his research on antimicrobial resistance.

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