PIXL is Singer Instruments high-Precision Colony Picking Robot that enables you to reliably pick your colonies, regardless of organism, with >99% TRANSFER EFFICIENCY.

Pick to and from agar and liquid

Using a variety of plate types

Bespoke workflows

Customise your workflow with plate sectoring.

Designed for versatility

Scrape, stir, and adjust mixing profiles to optimise the transfer of the most tenacious organisms.

Lighting options

Turn on its fluorescent LEDs and PIXL will quantify and allow selection for wtGFP, sfGFP, mCherry, tagBFP, Venus and many other fluorescent markers.

“The integration allows us to develop a fully walk-away colony picking process.”

Wilson Lui, Automation Engineer at Aether.

Picking Technology

The PickupLine picking polymer, as well as automatic detection of the agar surface ensures gentle picking of colonies – this means no cell splashing (a common problem in the industry), and much lower risk of introducing biological or ethanol contamination to your precious samples.

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Pinning and transfer efficiency data

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Agar to agar: 99.78%


<9 g/mm

Up to 33,000 sterile, disposable tips in a single, low-cost PickupLine.

PIXL Hardware

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Hardware Data
PIXL (Automation-ready)
1 Year
Depth: 730mm
Width: 640mm
Height: 805mm
Weight: 100kg
240VAC at 3 Amps, 100-240VAC Compatible
5MP (2448 x 2048) Resolution
USB 3.0
2/3” Sensor
16mm Autofocus Liquid Lens
21.5″, 1080p Full HD, LED-Backlit LCD Monitor
Edge-to-edge glass display with anti-glare

2.30GHz Intel 6th Gen Dual Core i3-6100U Processor
-20 ~ 60 °C extend temperature operating
2.5” 32GB MLC SSD (0~70°C) – Can be upgraded to:
128GB / 256GB / 512GB
4GB DDR3 Memory
DC-PWR-MIOe – 9V 36V power module

1x White Channel & 5x Fluorescence Channels
UV 1 (380-390 nm)
UV 2 (400-410 nm)
Blue (465-485 nm)
Cyan (490-510 nm)
Green (520-540 nm)

This is not a microscope! It is a colony picker. As such it will not detect sub-cellular or low levels of expression.

PIXL Pinning Pressure Report
PIXL Efficiency Report: Agar-Agar

Momentum Scheduling Software

Drag and drop workflows

Simple construction of workflows using the easy-to-use flow chart style process editor.

Dynamic event scheduling

Allows for walk-away scheduling of your workflow.

Run simulations

Optimise and test your workflow before you start.

Remote notifications

Get workflow progress sent straight to your inbox.

Flexibility to grow

If your workflow grows, your system can grow with you.

Momentum & Robitic Arm Overview and HardwareDetails not listed?Contact us and we will answer any questions
Spinnaker Arm Hardware Data

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Hardware Data
Product Code
Momentum Arm Integration Package (USD) – SPK-001
Momentum Arm Integration Package (EUR) – SPK-002
1 Year
Depth: 343mm
Width: 1194mm
Height: 635mm
Weight: 25 kg (33.8 kg)

100–240 V auto-switching

Hotel Storage
Random Access 15 standard plates per hotel
Sequential Access 40 standard plates per hotel
Maximum Capacity – Random Access 180 standard plates
Maximum Capacity – Sequential Access 480 standard plates
Base (rotate) – Range: Infinite  Velocity: 180°/sec Acceleration: 360°/sec2
Elevator – Range: 635 mm (1385 mm)  Velocity: 750 mm/s Acceleration: 2000 mm/s2
Elbow (rotate) – Range: Infinite  Velocity: 360°/sec Acceleration: 1440°/sec2
Wrist (rotate) – Range: Infinite  Velocity: 720°/sec Acceleration: 2880°/sec2
Axis Joint
Overall Height 800 mm (1583 mm)
Radius (reach) ±597 mm
Workspace Height (above mounting surface)
-32–603 mm (-32–1353 mm)

Spinnaker Arm

A truly collaborative arm

With 4-axis movement allowing total flexibility.

Built in barcode scanner

Consistently identify your plates.

Advanced AI

Automatic collision detection and recovery and even corrects itself for location discrepancies.

Automatic plate removal

Removes and stores the lid while the plate is in use, re-lidding and returning the plate afterwards.

Compatible with random access and stacked plate hotels

Allowing you to get the optimal setup for your high-throughput workflows.


Typical SBS plate capacity 60-120.

PIXL with Momentum allows a flexible high-throughput high-precision colony picking system that can scale and adjust to future demands. Additional plate hotels, incubators, or other systems can be added in the future.

Build your workflows, load your plates, PIXL with Momentum will handle the rest.

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